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DEHP [Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate]/PVC [Polyvinyl Chloride]

Why reduce DEHP/PVC?
  • DEHP - linked to reproductive birth defects according to animal studies.
  • PVC - during manufacturing of and incineration of PVC, dioxin, a carcinogen, can be formed.
Where are we at right now?
  • Mother & baby supplies have been identified as DEHP/PVC free.
  • Some of our IV bags and IV bag wrappers are PVC-free and DEHP-free.
  • The following request is on all product bids/quotes: DOES THE PRODUCT(S) CONTAIN DEHP/PVC*: *IT IS MANDATORY THAT ANY PRODUCT(S) FOR NICU BE DEHP/PVC FREE.*
What type of products can contain DEHP/PVC?
  • Gloves, tubing, bed pans, carpeting, binders, and draperies to name a few. Visit Health Care Without Harm for more information on the type ofproducts that can contain DEHP or PVC.
How can you help?
  • When ordering a new product, ask the supplier if it contains DEHP or PVC
  • Inventory your current products and indicate if they are DEHP/PVC-free.
  • Visit Health Care Without Harm for alternative products.