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Business Continuity Planning

Stony Brook University’s mission is to create, preserve and
disseminate knowledge. Each college, division, and major
administrative unit within the University exists in support of this mission. Laboratories and research facilities are vital to the mission of Stony Brook University. Each area performs functions that are essential to the ongoing success of the University.


Modern laboratories are extremely complex and depend on specialized equipment, supplies, support services, and of course, highly skilled people. Breakdowns or disruptions in any one of these elements can cause serious harm to on-going research. Prolonged failures in some of these areas (i.e., loss of electrical power) may lead to irreparable damage to equipment and the loss of unique collections of samples and specimens. A business continuity plan will help minimize and possibly even prevent serious consequences and down time following a disaster or major disruption. 

Business Continuity Planning is the process of developing prior arrangements and procedures that enable Stony Brook to respond to a disaster or major disruption of operations in such a manner that critical and essential business functions can continue with minimum disruption or down time.

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a collection of resources, actions, procedures, and information that is developed, tested, and held in readiness for use in the event of a disaster or major disruption of operations. A BCP helps prepare Stony Brook departments and organizations to maintain essential functions after a disaster or disruption. Having a business continuity plan will minimize the impact of a disaster and help you return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

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