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Radiation Safety


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Radiation Protection Services (RPS) provides for radiation safety training, radiation protection engineering, the radiological monitoring of personnel and facilities, and assists all research and medical users to ensure that radiation exposure at the University Center is maintained As Low As Reasonably 

Achievable (ALARA). The University Center carries a Broad Medical and Broad Academic Radioactive Materials License through the New York State Department of Health/Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection.

radNew York State is an Agreement State which means we are in agreement with all Federal rules and regulations and in addition we are subject to all rules and regulations as promulgated by New York State in State Sanitary Code: Chapter 16 "Ionizing Radiation." RPS establishes uniform policies and procedures for the safe use of all sources of ionizing radiation within the University, ensuring that these sources are stored, used and disposed of in accordance with Federal, State and University regulations.

Radioisotopes and radiation producing machines have many beneficial uses in research and medical applications. When not properly controlled, however, ionizing radiation can present a hazard to individual users and others in the immediate environment. The health of an individual and the possibility of genetic effects to future generations depend on the amount of radiation exposure an individual receives. Maximum radiation dose limits and radiation protection license guidelines have been established through Federal and State regulations.

The following is a brief list of some of the services that RPS provides:

  • Training Modules
  • Accelerator Safety
  • Brachytherapy patient care in the University Hospital
  • DEC Environmental Monitoring
  • DOH Permit/Licensing
  • DOT RAM Package delivery service
  • Effluent Monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Exposure Calculations
  • Instrument Calibration Service
  • Lab Decommissioning
  • Low Level Radioactive Waste Management
  • Non-ionizing Radiation Safety (Laser Safety, EMF & ELF)
  • Personnel Monitoring (low level) and Bioassay Analysis
  • Shielding Calculations