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Pest Management

It is unlawful for anyone to apply pesticides at any University property without proper licensing. Applications are only permitted by EH&S licensed personnel and approved contract exterminators.

To report a pest problem online, please choose from the options below:

Main Campus, HSC, BST, R&D Park  Campus Residences  Southampton

To report a pest problem by phone for these and other areas, please call:

  • Campus Residences: Call Quad Office or Maintenance Desk at (631) 632-9585
  • Main Campus, HST, BST, R&D Park, Southampton: Call Environmental Health & Safety at (631) 632-6410
  • Healthcare Facilities: Call Housekeeping at (631) 444-1460
  • Long Island State Veterans Home: Call Environmental Services at (631) 444-8790

owlEven the most skillful and precise application of pesticides may not solve pest problems. Some pesticides may be necessary and must only be applied by a certified applicator after performing a thorough inspection to identify the pest "target" and determine the cause for the existence or infestation (e.g. poor sanitation, open penetrations, water leaks, etc.).

What can you do?

General Housekeeping

  • Close all screens, windows and doors
  • Collect and dispose of all scrap paper, boxes and other debris
  • Vacuum and mop floors regularly
  • Empty all garbage containers daily
  • Inspect plants regularly for pests

Good Sanitation

  • Allow food and beverages in designated areas only
  • Prohibit storage of food in desks, file drawers and lockers
  • Store food and condiments in tightly sealed containers
  • Dispose of all scrap food promptly
  • Clean all dishes, appliances and utensils thoroughly and regularly
  • Clean behind and underneath appliances, cabinets ...etc.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces
  • Clean and dry all mops, buckets and sponges promptly

Building Maintenance

  • Fix leaking pipes, faucets and other plumbing fixtures
  • Clean grease traps and floor drains routinely
  • Install weather-stripping and door sweeps
  • Caulk walls, floor cracks and crevices
  • Install and maintain screens in doors, windows, vents and floor drains
  • Keep loading docks clean of food waste, garbage and debris
  • Seal pipe chases and other penetrations