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EH&S provides training on a wide-range of safety, health and environmental topics, including laboratory safety, hazardous waste, radiation safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other occupational and general safety topics. Many of these courses are required, either initially or annually, by federal or State safety and environmental regulations.

EH&S schedules and conducts classroom training routinely for many of the required courses.  Visit the Training Course List and Descriptions  page to learn more about the courses. 

NEW! EH&S On-line Learning Management System

EH&S is pleased to announce a new safety training - Learning Management System (LMS).  The LMS is a component of, and integrated with, a new comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) that will manage risk, ensure safety and compliance, and improve efficiency and emergency response. 

Access SMS Portal 

SMS Logo

The new LMS will host all EH&S training that was previously offered through Blackboard, and will include new capabilities for training compliance.  The new system will facilitate the delivery and management of all EH&S training programs, as follows:

  • Assigns training courses based on job role, tasks, risks or regulatory requirements.
  • Provides automated notifications and reminders to ensure participation.
  • Provide notifications when recurring training is coming due. 
  • Organizes all course materials, including presentations, references, documents & links to additional information. 
  • Includes library of all EH&S online courses and calendar for in person training events that users can enroll in.
  • Allow supervisors to check the status of their staff training.

With the new LMS, you will be able to:

  • Take on-line training courses and learning assessment quizzes.
  • View “My Courses” currently enrolled in and the status of completion.
  • Enroll in other on-line and live training events. 
  • Review documents and links to additional information. 
  • View and print your training Certificate of Completion for courses you complete.
  • Supervisors will be able to check the status of required staff training.

Please use and bookmark this link to the Safety Management System to access the SMS Portal and Learning Management System, view the “How To Guides”, and read some Frequently Asked Questions.  If you need help logging in or navigating in the SMS or Learning Management System, or have any questions, please email the Department of Environmental Health and Safety:, or contact any of the EH&S program managers or specialists that you normally work with.

Employee Training

Supervisors and PI's are responsible for ensuring that each new employee, whether temporary or permanent, attend new employee orientation programs and receives appropriate safety training at the start of employment.  Supervisors and PI's are also responsible for ensuring that all of their employees receive the necessary safety training based on the work that their employees perform.

Laboratory Safety Training

There are several classes that you need to take if you work in a laboratory. These classes are determined by the work you are doing and the materials you may be exposed to. Review the Training Summary in the Laboratory Safety section to determine which classes you need.

Responsibility for Safety

Department chairs, heads of offices, directors of programs, laboratory directors, principal investigators, managers, supervisors, etc. are responsible for the health and safety of employees engaged in activities under their direction or supervision. They must ensure that their employees comply with all relevant regulations and accepted standards and that work activities are performed in a safe and considerate manner.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

OSHA requires each supervisor to assess the hazards of the work area(s) to determine the type of protective equipment needed and to provide training and enforce its use.

Accident and Injury Reporting

It is the supervisor's responsibility to report all accidents or injuries that occur to their employees while at work.

  • Additional training classes, on-site and/or off-shift training courses can be scheduled by calling EH&S at (631) 632-6410.
  • Your employee ID number will be needed for administrative purposes.
  • Turning off all radios and cell phones prior to the start of class is required.
  • Course registration is not required unless otherwise stated. For assistance registering for a class, please call (631) 632-6410.