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Evacuation Guide for People with Physical Disabilities


If you have a temporary or permanent disability that might prevent your prompt and safe evacuation from a building, you need to do some additional planning to ensure your safety during an evacuation. The planning steps identified below will; (1) ensure that you are familiar with accessible exit routes and other safety features of the building, (2) recruit the assistance of coworkers, colleagues or others to assist you during the evacuation, and (3) ensure that emergency response personnel know that you may need additional assistance to evacuate the building.

Planning Steps:

  • Identify primary and secondary routes to exits, stairwells or areas of refuge.
  • Establish a buddy system with a coworker, friend or colleague who can assist and stay with you during an evacuation.
  • If appropriate, locate and speak with your area Safety Warden and Building Manager
  • Contact the Fire Marshals, University Police Emergency Management or Campus Residences Risk Management (if appropriate) to assist you in your planning efforts and notification of your location. Also, advise them of any special circumstances they may encounter during an evacuation so they can prepare ie (Battery powered motorized wheel chair, etc...).

During an Evacuation:

  • Obtain assistance from your buddy.
  • Immediately move to your pre-designated area of refuge.
  • Call University Police at (631) 632-3333 via cell phone or call box and let them know your location.  
  • Position yourself so that you are not blocking the egress flow of other evacuees.
  • Do not block the stairwell door
  • If the emergency dictates you need to be evacuated:
  • Fire Marshals, UPD or Fire Department personnel will come to meet you.
  • They will bring enough resources to evacuate you and your buddy safely.

Note : You may be in a safe area and the determination is made to keep you where you are. Stay calm and remain there until the “All Clear” is given.