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Emergency Evacuation

In the event of a fire or other emergency, seconds count. The safe, orderly and prompt evacuation of building occupants is our number 1 priority. The cooperation and participation of every building occupant is essential. Every person that lives and works in a building on campus has an individual responsibility to know how to evacuate in an emergency and to accomplish the evacuation when the fire alarm device sounds or when directed by an authority. This guide will help you to prepare for emergency situations that might arise in your facility.

Pre-plan your escape

  • Know the location of fire alarm pull box locations.
  • Make sure your floor has at least two unobstructed ways out.
  • Check the fire exits to make sure they are usable.
  • Know the emergency numbers to call for help. 9-1-1 or 333 from on campus phone or (631) 632-3333 from a cell phone or off campus phone.

If there is a fire or fire alarm, everyone evacuates!

  • If you discover a fire or smoke condition, sound the building alarm by activating the nearest pull station and call University Police at (631) 632-3333.
  • Whenever you hear the fire alarm sound, leave immediately! Don't assume the fire alarm is false or a test and wait to see what others do. In a fire, seconds count.
  • Try to help others, if you can do so safely.
  • Unless unusual conditions dictate otherwise, the best evacuation route is the nearest stairway and out the nearest exit.
  • When leaving, close the door behind you. and take your key with you.
  • Once outside, meet at your assembly point and take a head count to make sure everyone is out and accounted for. Never attempt to re-enter the building to search for someone missing, let fire or police officials know.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the all clear has been given by a Fire Marshal, Police Officer, Safety Warden or other Official.

Is the door hot?

  • Before opening a door, you should make sure there is no fire on the other side by using the back of your hand to touch the door, door knob or door frame.
  • If any feel hot, don't open it, there is probably fire on the other side. If cool, open the door slowly, leave the area and close the door behind you.
  • If you encounter smoke while evacuating, crawl or get as low as you can.

I f you can't escape

  • Close all doors between you and the fire.
  • Seal cracks around doors with cloth to keep the smoke out.
  • Call University Police at (631) 632-3333 or 911 to notify them of your location.
  • While waiting for rescuers, signal from a window by hanging clothes out the window, waving an object or shouting.
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