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Fire Alarms

Every building on each campus has a fire alarm system. Building fire alarm systems use a signaling device to alert occupants of the need to evacuate for fire or other reasons. While there are many types of signals (horns, sirens, bells, chimes, voice, etc.) that could be used for this purpose, the three types used at Stony Brook are listed below.

  • Temporal Signal (Listen) 
  • Sirens
  • Mechanical Bells

When a fire alarm sounds in your building you must evacuate immediately using the nearest stairway or Exit door to the outside. Do not use the elevators.

Once outside, move away from the building and listen for further instructions from Fire Marshals, Police Officers, Safety Warden or other Official.

Voice Fire Alarm Systems

Many of our buildings have voice capable fire alarm systems. These systems have the ability to send a voice message to building occupants over the fire alarm system. The system can be used locally at the buildings main fire alarm control panel or from a centralized location on campus to send a message to a single building, group of buildings or all of the buildings outfitted with this type of system.

A Note About False Alarms

Be aware that tampering with fire alarm equipment or activating a false alarm is a violation of the Student Conduct Code. It is also a crime under NYS Penal Law and can result in your arrest and/or expulsion from school. The University treats this very seriously.

Evacuation Instructions

Fire Alarms and Evacuation