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Respiratory Protection

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The two primary N95 respirators in our hospital are:

1.)  3M 1860 N95 Respirator (Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask)

Available sizes:

  • Regular (3M 1860), Lawson #21723
  • Small (3M 1860S), Lawson #24815

3M 1860s are available through Lawson.


Donning & Doffing 3M 1860 and 1860S N95 Respirators

3M 1860 N95 Respirator Instructions

3M 1860 Article Information Sheet

3M Website

2.) Moldex/Inovel 1500 series N95 Respirator (Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask)

Available sizes:

  • Extra small (Moldex/Inovel 1510), Lawson #51154
  • Small (Moldex/Inovel 1511), Lawson #26414
  • Medium (Moldex/Inovel 1512), Lawson #26416
  • Large (Moldex/Inovel 1513), Lawson #26415

Moldex N95s are available through Lawson.


Moldex 1500 Series N95 Respirator Instructions

Moldex Data Sheet

Moldex Website

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Bitrex & Saccharin

Bitrex Fit Test Solution                                   Bitrex Sensitivity Solution

Saccharin Fit Test Solution                         Saccharin Sensitivity Solution

Bullard Hooded Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), Model PA 30 - for staff who wear a beard for religious or medical reasons

1. To PAPR wearer, complete sign out sheet and leave in EH&S office. After use, return PAPR to EH&S Office (HSC, Level 1, Room 059) and note date returned and length of time PAPR worn to sign out sheet.

2. Two battery packs should be fully charged and installed on the blower unit. The white breathing tube, two magenta-colored filters, and blower assembly should be attached to belt unit.

3. Inspect all parts for any visible damage. If damaged, DO NOT use.

4. Prior to use, check blower air flow. Turn blower on (press black button on top). Take the free end of the breathing tube in one hand, hold it upright and place the Airflow Indicator into the end of the tube.   Ball of the indicator should rise completely over the line. Turn off blower.

5. Attach correct hood. Larger hood is for person with beard and head garb. Smaller hood is for person with beard only.

  • Larger hood: Insert tubing into the entry sleeve at the rear of the hood until the tube reaches the black mark (approximately 5 inches). Apply the Nylon clamp over the hood sleeve, securing the breathing tube to the hood.
  • Smaller hood: smaller hood should be attached to a separate breathing tube. Attach tube to blower assembly.

6. Buckle belt unit around the waist and adjust belt, and don the hood. For larger hood, attach Velcro straps under the arms. A lab coat or scrubs should be worn over hood to reinforce seal.

7. Turn on blower; a cool stream of air should be felt inside the hood.

8. If you hear an audible alarm, it is the low battery alarm and the battery should be replaced with charged batteries which are available in the EH&S Office.

9. Any questions, contact EH&S at 4-6783.


Bullard PA30 PAPR Instructions

Bullard PA30 PAPR Pre-Operation Checklist 

Bullard PA30 PAPR Technical Data Sheet

Bullard PA30 PAPR User Manual

Bullard Website