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Drone Safety


Stony Brook EHS recognizes the interest and benefits of UAS technology. However, we are also aware of the safety concerns surrounding their operation. In saying that we have developed a policy to reduce risks to the safety, security and privacy of people, facilities and operations, and to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

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UAS operations are strictly prohibited over the campus or inside campus buildings, except under the following circumstances, when approved by EH&S.

  1. Operations deemed to be necessary to support the mission of the Stony Brook University academic, research and medical programs.
  2. Operations that are essential to an administrative, business, facility maintenance, police, fire or emergency function of the University.
  3. Students who are members of a Stony Brook club or program that is directly related to flying UAS (e.g. Innovation Lab, RC Flying Club, etc.), may request to fly their UAS “For Fun” at a designated location at the R&D Park.
  4. Hobby or recreational use of UAS by others is not permitted.

FAA Drone Regulations

FAA Drone Zone  

FAA Drone Registration 

FAA Pilot Airman Certificate