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Chemical Incident

Many everyday items used at the University are considered hazardous if not properly controlled. Common examples include flammable liquids, pressurized gases, and corrosive liquids. Because these materials are used and transported regularly throughout our campus, it's essential to have an accidental spill plan in place.

Several departments work to control hazardous materials and act to cope with any problems that might develop. These departments include University Police, Emergency Management, and Environmental Health & Safety.

The Office of Emergency Management has an emergency response plan that incorporates notification and management procedures in case of such an unlikely event. This plan is reviewed and tested every year.

If you are involved in a hazardous materials incident:

  • CALL 333 from a campus phone or (631) 632-3333 from a cellular phone to reach University Police. Provide necessary information regarding type of incident including material and amount released, its location (including building and room number), and provide your name and phone number.
  • If radioactive material is involved, hold all personnel who were in the area at the time of the occurrence in a nearby safe location for evaluation by the Radiation Safety Officer.
  • As always, the ultimate responsibility for your safety rests with you. You should be knowledgeable about the materials used in your workplace, and what hazards they might pose. Material Safety Data Sheets that provide detailed information on these materials are available.