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Fire Alarm Procedures

If a fire occurs, evacuate the area immediately and call University Police by dialing 333 from any campus phone, or dial (631) 632-3333 from a cell or pay phone.

1. If safe to do so:

  • Confine the fire by closing doors and windows.
  • Notify anyone in the immediate area.
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm box.
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire using one fire extinguisher only.

2. If there is smoke or heat, stay low.


4. Before opening any door, feel it near the top. If it is hot, do not open, but:

  • Call University Police and tell them your exact location and situation.
  • Place a blanket or similar article along the bottom of your door to keep out smoke. If possible, wet the material first.
  • Retreat. Close as many doors between you and the fire as possible.
  • Hang a light colored material out the window to attract attention from below.

5. If the door is NOT hot:

  • Open the door cautiously--stand behind the door and be prepared to close quickly if there is excessive smoke.
  • Conduct a final search before leaving, if safe to do so.
  • If your mobility is limited by wheelchair, crutches, etc., leave the area and position yourself in the stairwell landing, call University Police, and wait for responding agencies.
  • Assemble outside. Do not re-enter the building until notified.