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Outdoor Warning Siren

Outdoor Siren Alert
As part of our continued commitment to enhancing safety measures on campus, Stony Brook University has installed an outdoor siren alert on the University's main campus. While some individuals may hear the siren indoors, the siren is designed to be heard OUTDOORS ONLY.

Please note that the siren tone is separate and distinct from that of local fire departments, and everyone should become familiar with the University siren tones.

Siren Emergency Alert (Hi/Low) Tone [Click to Listen]

In the event of a true emergency that presents a safety concern, the University will sound the outdoor siren alert, which will last 60-seconds, and the following actions should be taken:

bolt S STOP Stop what you are doing.
bolt O OBSERVE Observe your immediate surroundings for danger.
bolt S SHELTER Seek shelter and additional information.

Additional information will be sent to all students, faculty, and staff who have entered their contact information into the SOLAR system to receive SBAlert notices via text messaging, voice mail, and email. If you have not yet entered your contact information, please do so immediately by going to

Examples of when the campus siren may be used are:

  • Weather Emergency
    1. Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    2. Tornado Warning
  • Other Emergency
    1. Hazardous Material/Chemical Spill
    2. Other dangerous situation

All Clear

When it is determined that the situation no longer poses a danger, a separate and distinct  30-second "all-clear" signal will sound using the main campus siren system.

Siren All-Clear (Discontinuous Air Horn) Tone [Click to Listen]

The Emergency Management Team will periodically test the siren to ensure the functionality of the system. The campus community will be informed of the time and date prior to each scheduled test.