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Laboratory Safety Inspection 

The purpose of laboratory inspections is to assist faculty and staff in recognizing and correcting potential health and safety hazards, minimizing risks to laboratory personnel, students, and the campus community. 

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Laboratory Safety group conducts routine inspections across various locations at Stony Brook, including academic, research, clinical, engineering labs, machine shops, and makerspaces. These inspections cover general safety, chemical safety, biological safety, and hazardous waste management.

Inspection Process
Inspections adhere to a standardized checklist, and all laboratory inspection reports will be shared with Principal Investigators (PIs) or laboratory managers through our newly implemented Safety Management System

Correcting Violations/ Deficiencies
Upon completion of an EH&S inspection, identified issues requiring correction will be communicated via email to individuals acknowledged as responsible parties. This notification enables them to access the inspection report. The Laboratory Safety team will request corrections based on inspection findings, offering consultations and suggestions to facilitate practical and sustainable changes within the laboratory. 

Laboratory Safety Inspection Report Tutorial Video

Note: If a serious or imminent hazard is discovered during a safety inspection, the matter will be promptly addressed by EH&S to ensure immediate resolution.

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